Battle for Bergen 1799

Bergen Kerkstraat, Bergen

In the Year 1799 a combined British-Russian expedition landed near Den Helder in the Netherlands in an attempt to push Napoleon's troops out of the Netherlands, which failed. The Gordon Highlanders earned their first battle honour "Egmond op Zee" during this campaign. An event is being held in the town of Bergen in remembrance of...


Napoleonic camp at the farm Gémioncourt

Winter bivouac

Archeon Archeonlaan 1, Alphen aan den Rijn

Napoleontic event in museum park Archeon

Scots only Archeon

Archeon Archeonlaan 1, Alphen aan den Rijn

A multi period event with scottisch groups from many different periods

Battle for Bourtange

Bourtange Marktplein, Bourtange

Napoleonic event at the fortress town of Bourtange


Napoleonic event at the battlefield of Waterloo

Multi-period Huis Doorn

Doorn langbroekerweg 10, Doorn

Multiperiod event at Huis Doorn. We will be present as Boer war and WW1

Chateau Heeswijk

Napoleonic event at Chateau Heeswijk

NAN Lustrum event Dokkum

Lustrum event of the napoleontische associatie der nederlanden at Dokkum

Dickensfestijn 30th edition

Part of the city of Deventer is transformed into 19th centry England, where you can run into all kinds of characters from the books by Charles Dickens. Like previous years, we will be present as Royal Guards.